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Wear a solid helmet on the roads this winter

November 15, 2009 No Comments

With the cold icy weather impending, like a looming deadline that we all dread but can not refrain from, it’s indispensable for all road users to be entirely prepared for the sudden drop in temperature and increase in risk on ours roads. Naturally the most vulnerable of all road users are the motorcyclists, and it’s from time to time like this that the most special and significant stress is placed on the motorcycle helmet.

Personal safety ought to at all times be the most eminent priority for any motorcyclist, so using a helmet of no less than splendid quality is of the utmost importance. So what exactly should you seek for? Two of the leading helmet brands in the uk are agv and arai.
Beginning with the older, agv have been in the motorcycle helmet industry since 1947, and has since grown into a earth-widely known and esteemed name, associated with earth champions like valentino rossi and giacomo agostini, who have both employed agv helmets all around their career.

Helmets from agv include a heap of utile features designed to advance imagination, safety and performance of the user. These involve anti-scratch visors, fibreglass material, ventilation and washable interior pads as well as providing uttermost shelter. Using the k-4 series as an illustration, one that stands out as the most versatile amidst the agv range, features include fibreglass acf (modern composite fibre) shell, front air intakes and rear extractor ventilation strategy, and arid-lex fabrics with hygienic treatment.

The other key brand arai is some other top name in the helmet industry and one originating from the technical innovation hub that is japan. Rating basic in client gratification, arai are famed for their handmade quality, ease and fit whilst being dedicated to quality and providing great shelter.

A fine example of arai helmets is the arai chaser series. These very specialized motorcycle helmets highlight a super fibre construction with a triple density inner shell for utmost safety. This new range likewise features an ‘air conductor’ ergo duct venting and free flow strategy to decrease draft and wind noise. It’s needless to say how tempting one of these fantastic helmets is to purchase, exceptionally for the further avid motorcyclists.

Don’t take the risk – increasingly motorcyclists are getting caught up in accidents that aren’t their mistake. To a degree it certainly remunerate to be wearing the most skillful quality helmet on the roads, at least for assurance and safety’s sake.

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