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Safety advice for motorcycle riders to avoid accidents

December 21, 2009 2 Comments »

Motorcycles account for a worryingly high part of the traffic accidents that take place annually on britain’s roads.
More humans own and ride motorbikes now than ever before and with such a heap of riders on the route, safety has never been more principal; not exclusively for the riders but for other drivers encountering them on the roads.

Accident stats where motorbikes were involved have decreased in the past few years, particularly those resulting in fatalities, but it’s still vitally principal to ensure you’re being as a safe and responsible on the roads as you can be.

So let’s go through some of the most principal points of motorcycle safety.

Firstly, the most principal thing to do not forget is to use mutual sense.
Do not forget the earliest lesson you learned; keep your eyes and concentration on the route. Ensure you’re at all times conscious of the other drivers on the route, keep your eyes on where they’re and how far away they’re from you and just in general stay sharp when you’re in traffic.
Such a heap of accidents involving motorcycles are are mostly caused by other drivers not paying attention and not noticing you and your bike. Of course it’s their obligation to keep their eyes open too but if they don’t pays attention and they miss you, then it becomes your problem.

Another huge issue is increasing your visibility, particularly when riding at night. Wear reflective clothing which includes high visibility strips and keep your lights on at all times. Make it as possible and easy for other drivers to see you.

Keep control of your bike. Don’t drive at exuberant speeds particularly when taking corners and driving in the dark. Keep a sturdy and stable position on your bike to avoid slipping or being thrown off.

If you drive safely and aim on what you are doing you are no chances to have any bad experiences.

If, unluckily, you do have an accident though, there are some things you can do to minimise the outcomes.

Make certain you are wearing the most appropriate helmet. It should fit securely and be fastened properly. If you are injured undertake to avoid removing your helmet until the paramedics arrive or you accept other medical advice as once in a while you could do harm to your neck and spine.

Wear the correct clothes. Motorcycle clothing is particularly designed to minimise any injury if you have an accident. If you skid across a gravel road at high speed, you will want good quality clothing protecting your skin.

Call for medical attention without delay if you are competent. Never just leave it to probability. Ensure you are checked over properly and given the all clear.

It may similarly be a great thought to invest in some extra advanced lessons specifically detailing the most effective ways to deal in an accident circumstance. You can acquire knowledge on skid control and how handle your bike if you fall.
While extra lessons are not compulsary for proving your test, they could teach you the divergence amid life and death, so they’re worth the extra venture.

If you do meet with an accident and it was not your fault, don’t be frightened to get the police involved, particularly if it was down to severe negligence on the part of another driver.

You could similarly be entitled to compensation which could just be much necessitated in paying medical bills or keeping you going if you are unable to work.

The most initial rule in motorcycle safety though is, again, mutual sense. If we all just look out for ourselves and the other drivers on the route we can all aid prevent accidents.

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  1. Drake
    July 3, 2011 at 8:59 am

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  2. tripadus
    July 19, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    Drivers should take intense cautions around bikes and do their part to stop accidents.

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